Catching the bad guys, one color at a time.

The Robocop hunts the bad guy using a flash light in low light.

It will never stop, never give up, never surrender [Except when it runs out of battery power, or crashes]

ME 4451 Robotics

Friday 11am Lab

The Robocop is a Scribbler Robot using a Fluke board enabling it to see the environment using the onboard camera.


Robocop is designed to start in an unknown position with unknown orientation in an unknown environment and look around and find the bad guy, signified by a bright suspicious color such as red.


Upon detecting the bad guy, Robocop while drive towards the bad guy chasing him down while avoiding obstacles using the onboard IR sensor.


Once the bad guy is within nabbing distance of the Robocop, a color photograph is taken of the criminal and the world is saved once again.

Sameer Ansari

Joseph Conklin

Richard Wu

Group members:


Visual Recognition & Pursuit